When Can My Toddler Use Booster Seat?

There are safety guidelines regarding the use of booster seats. It is important that we adhere to such regulations and guidelines because it is for the safety of our children. As parents it should be our prime concern to make sure that our kids are perfectly safe while taking them on the road.  It is… Read More »

Potty Training Problems: How To Help My Toddler Poop

Constipation is a common problem among toddlers. They often have bowel problems because first of all, they are adjusting from diaper to potty. Another reason is because at this stage, parents tend to experiment with their diet by letting them try different kinds of food. Third, they don’t have a normal schedule for bowel movement… Read More »

A Dad Of One Learning To Love Baby Gear

Hey guys, I’m a dad to a little dude pushing three. I used to work in an office but these days I’m spending lots of time in the house as I’m the primary caregiver. When my son was 1 it was almost impossible to do anything on the computer but these days he’s getting pretty… Read More »